GEORGE M. KIRKPATRICK, P.E.                                                                                                        

          Mr. Kirkpatrick is owner and senior contributor of GMK Consulting Service. He received the B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Illinois and the M.E.E. degree at Syracuse University in 1963. He also completed the General Electric Company, three-year Advanced Engineering Program and other GE Courses in effective presentation, conference leadership and a three-month residence course in professional business management.

     1970-Present - Consulting Engineer with GMK Consulting Service. Projects include:
          a) study of vibrating rate sensor on an NSF/SBIR program
          b) study of electronic scan for a simplified MLS (microwave landing system)
          c) analysis of radio guidance systems based upon interferometers
          d) study of motion clutter effects in an airborne MTI radar
          e) review of antenna recommendations for use in general aviation aircraft, 
           f) low sidelobe antenna design for monopulse tracking radar, etc. (for approximately 15 companies) 
     He has recently been a consultant to Syracuse Research Corporation, Research Associates of Syracuse, 
     and the General Electric Company.

     1967-1970 - Consultant on radar and avionics at Syracuse University Research Corporation.

     1949-1964 - Joined the Electronics Laboratory of the General Electric Company in Syracuse, NY in 1949.
                            Assignments in the Electronics Laboratory included:
          a) Project Leader for development of radar guidance system for surface missile 
          b) Unit Manager for advanced radar projects, and
          c) Laboratory Manager responsible for computer and microwave sections.

         2008 - IEEE Pioneer Award - "The Original Development of Monopulse Techniques for Radar Systems”
         1965 - IEEE Fellow